Cozy Spring Home Tour

Today I’m excited to join 16 of my favorite bloggers in sharing a cozy spring home tour. We are each sharing 1 or more room decorating for spring in a simple but inviting way, but in addition to giving some inspiration, we really wanted these tours to not be a “show-off” post– but also helpful! So we each are including a small DIY or helpful decor tip.

I hope you enjoy perusing through all the tours and feel excited and inspired for this new season of re-birth. I also hope you don’t ever feel discouraged or play the comparison game. I feel like my house is a disaster most of the time, and it certainly isn’t this clean all the time. I have 3 kids people! haha! Life happens! BUT– It IS fun to bust out some fresh flowers, change up some pillow covers, and maybe paint a wall or two to fall in love with a space again.

If you saw my post on Monday, then you are familiar with the DIY sunburst cedar wood doormat I made (pictured below) and shared the tutorial for. If you are interested in making a wooden doormat for FREE at a Home Depot DIY Workshop, click here to register for the workshop this coming Saturday (3/26).

Cozy Spring Home Tour - Wooden Door Mat

The spring hanging basket is something I added a couple weeks ago and shared a tutorial for.

When you walk in, you are greeted by this vintage church pew I painted a couple years ago. I used to have a stained mantel/shelf but right before Christmas I made a new one and painted it white. I LOVE it.

Cozy Spring Home Tour - Entry Bench

Seagrass tray, blue and white striped bag, jean jacket, scarf, and hat: Target

Seagrass baskets under bench: HomeGoods

Shelf frames and topiaries: thrifted

You will see several flowering tree branches throughout my home, but I didn’t pay for them! On Monday, I drove around with pruning shears and stopped whenever I found a tree (or bush) on public property to clip a couple of branches. Flowering branches are a great way to add fresh color without spending money. :)

Cozy Spring Home Tour - Entry Bench

Floral pillow HERE

But sometimes, if I see fresh ranunculus at Trader Joe’s for $5 a bunch, I can’t resist. They are just too pretty!

Cozy Spring Home Tour - Ranunculus


Just opposite of the bench is our front room sitting area. I recently put up wainscoting trim all the way up the wall and painted it white… although this white isn’t quite right for the room and I will be repainting it a TRUE white very soon. I love how the trim really makes the ceilings look so much taller (they are only 8′ tall).

Cozy Spring Home Tour - Chest with Chinoiserie vase collection

I grouped my collection of blue and white chinoiserie vases and such together to make a bigger impact and added preserved boxwood, faux boxwood, and a real flowering tree branch. I use all types of greenery/flowers in my home and I think you should too! ?

Cozy Spring Home Tour - Chinoiserie vase collection

Cozy Spring Home Tour - Corner Cabinet and floral eastlake chairs

In the kitchen, I didn’t do much. I mostly just cleaned it and then added a big jug with a blooming magnolia. Clean is totally springy ya’ll ;)…. sometimes simplifying and decluttering is the best way to ‘decorate’ for spring.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Farmhouse kitchen and magnolia blooms

I’m slightly obsessed with magnolia. It doesn’t even seem real with the size of those flowers.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Farmhouse Kitchen with Magnolia Blooms

See my fairly recent kitchen makeover HERE.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Farmhouse Kitchen with Magnolia Blooms

Turning the other direction you see the dining room and into the living room. The dining room didn’t have much changes take place… I just added some pops of color to the table and called it good!

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Dining room, blue secretary cabinet

Secretary makeover HERE

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Dining room

Our living room is getting closer and closer to where I want it to be. I added a cushion to the bench, and freshened the room with new pillows and throws (some recycled from other parts of the house).

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Living room with blue and white

Area rug post , Pallet Wall Tutorial, Converting Bookcases into Built-ins, Coffee Table Makeover

As you can see, the living room got a little switcharoo with furniture and wall decor. Reason? I painted the walls. :) They are now Cornforth White by Farrow and Ball (color-matched). This is now my only gallery wall and it is filled with things I love: a letter from my husband’s grandmother, a picture of my kids, a picture of my husband as a child, some photos I took (and are available as a free printable), and a large drawing I did.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Layered gallery wall


Console table makeover, No-sew Curtains Tutorial

The drew the large drawing of the St Louis Temple from my church last year but it was a size that didn’t fit in a standard frame. I looked into a thin white frame at Michael’s and it was $100 ON SALE.  uhhhhh nope. I didn’t want to spend that much! I also didnt want to make one from scrap wood because I wanted the routed groove on the other side (which I didn’t want to bother with) and those little metal tabs that hold it in place take forever to get just right. Essentially I was lazy. So, I picked up a frame that was too big for $17 at Michael’s and made a custom frame from it. Want to see how I did it?

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Layered gallery wall


My art was 28″ x 24″ and the frame I bought was 36″ x 24″. It is for sure easier if you have at one side that matches the dimension of your art.

1- I  measured and cut off the extra length. Pictured you see the long edges of the frame I already miter cut both sides to a 45 degree angle. You will want to add 1″  to the long side of the art (if it is a 1″ wide frame) or picture you want framed and then cut at that measurement.

2- Cut the top of the frame at 45 degree miter angles on both ends. Basically you will cut exactly where the joint is on both ends, cutting through the staples.

3- Add wood glue to both sides of the joint and join the top of the frame to the sides by using a heavy duty staple gun on the back side of the frame. This is basically the same method used originally to make the frame.

*Make sure you work on a very flat surface or the seam of the joint will open a little and won’t look good or be durable.*


4- Use a corner or frame clamp while the glue dries so that the seam doesn’t open.

5- Once dry, place your art in on the other side, add the hardboard backing that comes with the frame (you can cut off the excess to make it fit) or use cardboard for the backing, and push down the tables to hold everything in place.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Layered gallery wall


I also used the same method as The Lettered Cottage and added some layered frames with risers to the gallery wall.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- Layered gallery wall


Our large sofa is now in front of the window and I love it so much more there. Part of it is switching things around always makes me happy, but also because it feels more balanced with the wing chair on the other side of the room now.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- White and navy living room

Navy velvet pillows HERE, Indigo Grid pillows HERE

I copied Bre and used the Target kitchen towels to make some pillows. It really was brilliant of her, wasn’t it?  I’m also not quite done with the bench cushion. My mom helped me get started on it while she was visiting last week, then I sewed the edges and I still need to do the tufting in the middle like the french mattresses have.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- White and navy living room

With this cleaner simpler decor I’m gravitating towards, I removed the gallery wall above the couch and hung a round white-washed sunburst mirror from World Market.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- White and navy living room

I moved the leather belt planter holders I made with these little plants that are STILL SURVIVING (miraculous!) into the living room and I love the life they add to the room.

Spring Home Tour- Leather planter holder

This is my favorite angle in this room. This is fought-over seat by pretty much everyone in our house. That aqua chenille blanket is super warm as nights are still chilly here, so curling up there to watch TV is the best spot in the house.

Cozy Spring Home Tour- White and navy living room

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