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Elitis FabricsElitis Fabrics. Dare to be bold, innovate, and act as explorers in the field of furnishing fabrics and wallcoverings, known to be more traditional until now, this is our philosophy. Design very contemporary products and always have an edge on the latest techniques, this could be our motto. Our in-house design department, a hive of activity like that of an experimental laboratory, traces the lines of research, diversity and innovative mixtures. The proposals, always surprising, create an event at every international exhibition.


Since 1988

We are already celebrating our 25th anniversary. A good age to continue with our credo: search relentlessly for new materials and textures and invent an emotional, visual and tactile language. In this laboratory of ideas, time is not meant to pass quickly, but to go with the flow of innovation.   Present in over 100 countries, from the United Kingdom to Australia passing through Argentina and Russia, our fabrics, wallpapers and wallcoverings travel through private residences, hotels, restaurants…

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A dynamic and passionate team built around an in-house and design department ensures Elitis’ modern and innovative personality.
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