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Pick Bed Linen To Suit Your Personality

The easiest and most cost effective way to change your bedroom is with linen.

Making your bed the focal point of the room is easy. The hard part is striking the right balance!

Here is my best advice for picking the best linen for your room and personality.

1. Bold Patterns

If you have plain walls and clean lines you can go with something really bold. Make sure the rest of your space is understated. If you have busy walls and accessories, bold patterns can make the space feel cluttered and overwhelming.

2. Plain Jane

If you prefer simpler styles, opt for a single-coloured doona cover and pillows. Use cushions or throws for accents of colour.

3. Warm Vs. Cool Colours

Warm colours can create a feeling of comfort. However, cool colours don’t need to be cold and hostile. For example, offset soft blue linen with a warm grey headboard.

4. White Out

Crisp white linen is classic and can work in both traditional and contemporary bedrooms. If you’re not confident about colour, experiment with textures – which can offer depth and personality.

5. Clashing Patterns

Mixing paterns was once frowned upon, but now it is a popular choice – especially in kids rooms!


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